How to find wifi password on windows 10

How to find wifi password on windows 10

Hi guys, I have come with the best wifi trick. this trick is “How to find wifi password on windows 10”. If you forgot your wifi password and your wifi password is so difficult to keep in Mind and you lost your wifi password and you don’t remember this password.

Don’t worry because of your wifi is connected to Windows 10 OS based PC/laptop so here I will tell the best way to get wifi password. These two ways can see below.

How to find wifi password on windows 10

  • Method

  1. First of all, Turn On PC/Laptop and connect it your wifi network.
  2. After this, you can see the bottom Left side Windows Start button and click on it and open.
  3. You can see Setting icon so click on it.
  4. After opening the Setting, open Network & Internet option.
  5. After opening it, you can see left side many options so Select a first Status option.
  6. In this status option, you can see a bottom Network and Sharing Center and go to inside this option.
  7. You can see inside this option “Connections” and near this can see wifi name so click on wifi name.
  8. After clicking wifi name open wifi status prompt and you can see in this prompt “Wireless Properties” option so Open it.
  9. After opening this option you can see Connection and Security both options so select Security option.
  10. In Security option, you can see the Network Security Key name checkbox and you can see many words in the password type so Click on Show Characters and after you can see your wifi password.


Just follow above all steps and you can get forgotten wifi password. I hope you have understood “How to find wifi password on windows 10” very clearly. If this trick is a help from you, then share it with your friends so that they can know about it.


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